A one-stop transportation
logistics solution.

20+ years of service to clients on both sides of the border. We provide bonded freight brokerage & all related transportation needs in import/export shipping of goods.


Real-Time Communication.

Time management is key. We always keep you informed so you know the status of your products and goods in transit. You know where your shipment is, where it’s headed, and when it will be received.

FTL Service.

Our Full TruckLoad Service provides you with dedicated direct delivery over all commercial truck options. You can do a one time shipment, or repeat sheduled shipments. MC4 Logistics handles all of the transport & scheduling requirements, at the start of the road, at the end of the road, and all points between.

LTL Service.

Less than TruckLoad Service is ideal for single or multi-pallet loads that add up to less than a full truck capacity. MC4 handles all the paperwork and tracking for a stressless LTL shipment. Both one-time or repeat scheduled or unscheduled shipping requirements are no problem. For us, Less than full truck load service gets our full service every time.

Temp Sensitive Freight Service.

Temperature sensitive goods such as food, produce, meats and seafoods arrive safely and timely with Reefer/Heater trucks. Rest assured your time & temperature sensitive freight is safe in the cold of winter or the heat of summer, and everything in-between. Service across Canada & the US.

Customs Documentation.

Proper customs paperwork and documention can be daunting. MC4 facilitates the necessary filing & registration for the importing & exporting of commercial goods to/from Canada & the US. We strive to provide a stressless customer experience when dealing with cross border shipping.

Enhanced Insurance Coverage.

All freight shipments are insured by default, but only to up to a set limited liability amount in the bill of lading. For most situations it is perfectly adequate, but in some cases – high value or irreplaceable cargo – extended coverage is a smart safeguard. MC4 facilitates enhanced coverage through our extended partnership with MARSH Insurers. We can expedite the process & pass on preferential rates to our clients.

Dry Goods & Specialized Freight.

As one of our core services, MC4 ships tons of dry goods – practically anything you can think of. Whatever your cargo requires; dry van, flatbed, last-mile delivery trucks, we deliver the goods. We can also handle specialized freight logistics for machinery, cable spools and heavy equipment. For tricky delivery areas, we can arrange for railgates, pallet jacks, and/or whatever else it takes to get your freight where it’s got to be.

3rd Party Warehousing.

Often times our clients need to store cargo for a period of time, while developing inventory volume, or the product needs to be held for a pre-set future delivery date. MC4 Logistics facilitates short and medium term warehousing in approprite spaces and locations to suit your particular storage needs, whether regular shelf storage, bulk storage or temperature controlled storage space.


Effcient & Cost Effective.

Ground service throughout North America. Professional and Personable Service. We go the distance and then some to ensure your shipments are safe, secure and timely.


Experts in 3PL Solutions.

We ship throughout North America mainly by ground transport and rail. MC4 facilitates customs documentation and enhanced insurance coverage where applicable. And with real-time tracking, you’re always in the loop.

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